Hi, I’m Jeff! This website is here to give you only the information I want you to have. I have complete control over it. I use it as a tool to attempt to engineer others’ perceptions.


I make my living in film and video editing and production, and am available for hire.

I’ve made four web series and three short films with my wife Kerri under our production brand, Feazible Productions.

I create brand story and marketing videos under another production brand, Concurrent Productions.

I edited comedy videos for Cracked.com for 3 years. My post supervisors later told me I was the best freelancer on the roster.

I’m one of the original creators of The Web Show Show, a monthly comedy video screening and competition.

I perform long-form improv! I’m currently on an armando team called Improv Diary at Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica, CA. We perform scenes based on live childhood diary readings.

Thanks for reading this exhaustive analysis of my life!